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Join us at our new site at charlottemasoninstitute.org.  Our new blog is located at this new webiste.
Welcome to the weblog for Charlotte Mason Institute (CMI). The purpose of this blog is to stimulate a robust discussion of the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. Charlotte Mason Institute is a non-profit organisation that exists to recover and promote the educational philosophy and practice of Charlotte Mason (1846-1923). It is organizationally related to Childlight in the UK.
The Charlotte Mason Institute promotes the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. In the spirit of what Mason did in the Parents’ Review, the Charlotte Mason Institute wishes to hear from a number of different voices in the Mason community.  From time to time an author’s work posted on this blog may be selected for its value to the Mason community even though CMI may not agree with everything the author(s) writes. We ask our readers to always weigh anyone’s thoughts and ideas against those of Mason.



  1. David says

    You might want to check your link to “Childlight in the UK”, childlight.org — it offers “spiritual healing based on the writings of Mary Baker Eddy” which doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with Charlotte Mason!

  2. I attended the recent conference in VA and I just want to thank you for such a wonderful learning time. I arrived home without my hymn and print of the lovely painting of the mother feeding her three young children. Could you please give the name of the painting, so I can print another copy. Also, I really enjoyed the hymn and I’d like to share it with my family but I gave my copy to someone else and didn’t get it back. If possible, I would really like a link to Charlotte Mason’s thoughts on the picture, too. I really thought I had all these things in my notes, but somehow they are nowhere to be found. Thank you!

    • Could you please go to the Institute website and send us an email of your address. I can send you the picture. We have extra copies. Also, I will check with Art Middlekauff about his notes on the pictures.

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