Month: April 2015

Natural History: Implementing Special Studies by Nicole Williams

Nature study conjures up such lovely images: children dazzled by a field of wildflowers, peering under rocks in a streambed, or showing their pressed-flower collection to an admiring grandparent.  It ranks up there with artist study and music appreciation for its beauty and life giving rejuvenation. A Charlotte Mason education can be quite rigorous, but nature study time is when we can all relax and let the learning happen naturally. See the full blog at:

Video Series with Liz Cottrill and Emily Cottrill Kiser

If you are interested and are not aware, you can listen to a series of short videos at this link: with Liz Cottrill and her daughter Emily Cottrill Kiser.  They discuss many aspects of a Charlotte Mason education that can provide you with insightful information.  We hope you enjoy it.  Part IV on choosing books has just been added.