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Part I of Looking for freedom in all the wrong places: Why today’s anxious kids practice picky eating and other pointless acts of defiance by Anna Migeon


Anna Migeon shares her thoughts on developing good eating habits in our children.  You can read her blog at http://www.charlottemasoninstitute.org/part-i-of-looking-for-freedom-in-all-the-wrong-places-why-todays-anxious-kids-practice-picky-eating-and-other-pointless-acts-of-defiance-by-anna-migeon/


Carroll Smith has spoken on various topics related to Charlotte Mason. Currently he teaches at Gardner-Webb University and enjoys working with children, teachers, college students, and Charlotte Mason Institute. He was a teacher and a principal for 21 years before coming to Gardner-Webb University where he has been for six years. Having grown up in eastern North Carolina, he attended East Carolina University for his undergraduate degree and his master's in school administration. He completed his terminal degree and wrote his dissertation on Charlotte Mason at Virginia Tech. Carroll enjoys reading, gardening, and discussing ideas with friends. He and his wife, Andra, and their two young adult college-age children, Corban and Anna, enjoy living, working and playing in North Carolina.


  1. Angela, Thanks for reblogging the article and for you comments. So many factors can contribute to picky eating. Figuring out why is the first step to solving the problem.

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