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Building a Foundation of Number Sense PK-2 with Suzanne Bazak

The Institute is announcing another preconference workshop that we believe will be most beneficial to parents and teachers.  

Building A Foundation of Number Sense PK-2 with Suzanne Bazak
Suzanne Bazak is one of the best educators that I know.  I worked with her when I was a principal in Roanoke City Public Schools where she was then an excellent support person for teachers and principals in the use of technology.  Math instruction is so difficult and at the same time of such importance that, as an educator, I am extremely sensitive to what is provided as training in the teaching of mathematics at our Charlotte Mason Education Conference.  Suzanne is the person I would trust.  She has convinced teachers to follow good developmental practices for the teaching of math in order to get the results they seek for state testing, rather than, bowing to teaching to the test.  She is an excellent math instructor while at the same time a fun and enjoyable person.  If you are concerned about the teaching of mathematics to your young child(ren), you will want to attend this session.  If you have math phobia yourself, but do not want to pass it on to your children, you will want to attend this session.  And, most importantly, you will want to get to know Suzanne.                   
 Carroll Smith
 From pre-kinderleben* through second grade, children develop a mathematical foundation by building beliefs about what mathematics is and developing a strong understanding of numbers and their relationship to one another.  effective mathematics instruction begins with effective teaching.  This workshop will provides classroom teachers and parents with rich experiences and proven classroom resources needed to insure that all children develop a strong sense of number.  an early foundation in number sense (numeracy) is critical for continued success in mathematics throughout a child’s life.  Emphasis will be placed on the idea of “playing” with numbers through the use of games and manipulatives.
Suzanne Bazak is an Elementary Math Specialist with Roanoke City Public Schools in Roanoke, VA.  She has taught all levels of mathematics, K-12, as well as undergraduate and graduate level courses in Elementary Math Methods, Middle and High School Topics in Mathematics and a variety of instructional technology courses.  She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech.  Suzanne believes that the best way to build an early foundation of number sense is to engage young children will “playing” with numbers; ranging from the use of board and dice games to mathematical manipulatives and real-world experiences.
*Note – Kinderleben is a term coined by Dr. Jack Beckman, an early childhood education specialist.  It means “Childlife” rather than “Childgarden.”  The idea for using kinderleben rather than kindergarten is that children are persons, not gardens to be tended.  As persons they grow and change fro within and we must teach them in ways that are consistent with what it means to be a human being not in ways that are consistent with tending a garden.  


Carroll Smith has spoken on various topics related to Charlotte Mason. Currently he teaches at Gardner-Webb University and enjoys working with children, teachers, college students, and Charlotte Mason Institute. He was a teacher and a principal for 21 years before coming to Gardner-Webb University where he has been for six years. Having grown up in eastern North Carolina, he attended East Carolina University for his undergraduate degree and his master's in school administration. He completed his terminal degree and wrote his dissertation on Charlotte Mason at Virginia Tech. Carroll enjoys reading, gardening, and discussing ideas with friends. He and his wife, Andra, and their two young adult college-age children, Corban and Anna, enjoy living, working and playing in North Carolina.

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