Jason Fiedler shares with us this week his experiences using Picture Study with teachers in Myanmar.  You can find his encouraging blog post at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Ct.

If you are weary this time of the year, Liz Cottrill has an inspiring blog post for this week just for you.  You can find it at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Ck.


IMG_2349In this week’s blog Andy Smith introduces us to Charlotte Mason’s beloved Lake District.  Enjoy her descriptions of scenes from the fells, Lake Windermere, and other beautiful sights near to Ambleside.  You can find her blog at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-AR.

cmi2Nancy Kelly shares with us this week her thoughts about Charlotte Mason’s devotional book that was given to each House of Education graduate.  You can find her blog post at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-AG.

You will enjoy this new topic this week from Camille Malucci who discusses Sloyd or Slöjd.  You can find her blog at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Aw.

Lisa Cadora engages us with her thoughts about current educationalists and their very clear connection to what Mason said over 100 years ago.  You can find her very enlightening comments at:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Ar.

Shannon Whiteside discusses the importance of the literary form to feed a child’s imagination.  To teach without the literary is to misunderstand how to teach with the personhood of the child in mind.  You can find it here:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-An.


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