You will enjoy this new topic this week from Camille Malucci who discusses Sloyd or Slöjd.  You can find her blog at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Aw.

Lisa Cadora engages us with her thoughts about current educationalists and their very clear connection to what Mason said over 100 years ago.  You can find her very enlightening comments at:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Ar.

Shannon Whiteside discusses the importance of the literary form to feed a child’s imagination.  To teach without the literary is to misunderstand how to teach with the personhood of the child in mind.  You can find it here:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-An.

Kara Stalter, Title One Teacher, at Gillingham Charter School shares with us this week her continuing journey of teaching in a Charlotte Mason charter school.  You can find her blog post at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-Ae.

This week’s blog includes a letter from a Head of a P.N.E.U. School in a poor urban area of England.  The letter is simple but powerful.  You can read it here:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-zZ.

This week’s blog is filled with pictures, reflections and thoughts about the 2015 CMI Teen Conference.  CMI would like to say a huge thank you to Jenn Stec, who directed the Teen Conference this year and based on the reflections of parents and teens, it was a jubilant success.  Click on this link to read all about it:  https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-zw.

Tara Schorr reflects on over 15 years of educating her children in the methods of Charlotte Mason.  You can enjoy her reflections at https://wp.me/p3bD5Y-z3.


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